How to get password of windows 7, vista after forget-By_MuBshaR KashmiRi

Performed people forget the security password to your house windows Landscape or XP computer system? Or maybe you’re mom and dad possess parental adjustments enabled and also you should know this security password to turn them off of. No matter what you’re purpose can be, hacking into windows xp and also Landscape is a not hard method.

Step 1: Go to select which operating system you use (either XP or Vista; Windows 7 isn’t available yet) and download the ISO. After the download is complete burn the ISO to a CD.

Step 2: Restart your computer (with the CD in) and your computer should now boot from the live CD into a Linux environment.

Step 3: Ophcrack will automatically run as soon as the CD boots and now all you need to do is wait until Ophcrack has completely finished cracking the computer password(s). This process will take anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours depending on the strength of the password used to protect the computer.

Screen shot

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