How To Hack Facebook Fan Page-By_MuBshar KashmiRi

How to Hack Facebook Page | Video lecture
Assalaumalikum Friends my Name is MuBshar KashmiRi and To day i am going to teach you how you can hack a Facebook fan page by using  this awesome trick.with the help of this trick you are able to get hack any page..

Once you are be the admin no one can remove you as admin from that page.You can mange posts also you can remove other admin from the page.


For hacking any Facebook page you need a  Facebook Business Account for doing this thing.


To hack any Facebook fan page 1st of all you have to create a Facebook Business  Account.After Creating That Account Just Copy the Page link which you want to hack and Then Go to the Settings and Click on the pages.

Click on new page and then paste that link in search bar.Page appears in bar and you just Select the page and Tick on work as a Admin and Submit it.

Request Successfully Submitted now wait  for some moment.When other person Accept the Request you become admin of the page.

Use page as you want and nobody can remove as a admin...



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