How to block (Method) stolen mobile phone by IMEI number in Pakistan

Here we are providing a latest method to block the stolen mobile phone in Pakistan. Do not take any tension. Here you can get full detail about Blocking of stolen Samsung mobile phone. So through IMEI number you can Block Stolen or Snatched Mobile Phones. Method for blocking stolen and lasted Nokia mobiles in Pakistan.Block Stolen mobile phone by IMEI number in Pakistan

Method for Blocking a stolen mobile phone by IMEI number in Pakistan

Though IMEI number a subscriber can Track his stolen mobile phone or block it. IMEI number is given under the battery of a cell phone or IMIE number below the barcode number (verticals lines). In case of unavailability of IMEI number in any mobile phones than IMEI of any set can also be found by dialing the IMEI  Number finding code *#06# into the phone.
There are two different methods to block a stolen mobile phone. One is online method of blocking a phone and 2nd is manually. Both methods are given in detail below on this page. Those Users have android mobile phones they can also block his mobile with IMEI number. Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG mobile all have IMEI number.
Online method to block Mobile Phones——————————————————————————
User should to private this information which is given below
Fill the Complain box and show that your mobile is stolen or theft
Provide exact time when your mobile has theft

Where you’re mobile has stolen
Provide IMIE number
SIM number which was in your mobile last time
Mobile brand, model number and its color
Name whose mobile has stolen
Father name
Email Address
House address
Click on Below given link and fill the form————————————————————————-

 PTA-System curbing mobile phone theftPTA-System curbing mobile phone theft Click here for Detail

Manual Easy method to block mobile phones——————————————————————–
The IMIE number provide to Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) which is record of IMIE number. CEIR have power to block the theft mobiles in Pakistan. CEIR match the IMIE number that has IMIE data. Once a time CEIR blocked the cell phone then nobody can access it.

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