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Jazz Whatsapp Packages

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Jazz Daily, Weekly, and Monthly WhatsApp Packages Code and Details

The purpose of this post is to give you a list of all Jazz WhatsApp packages for a period of 30 days. You can find subscription codes and other details in this post. Jazz monthly WhatsApp and social packages are provided and these codes are valid for 2021.

Jazz is always concerned about the needs of its users, so to make it easier to use WhatsApp, it also introduced Jazz WhatsApp packages. WhatsApp is a social application that is widely used all over the world and everyone likes it.

Mobilink / Jazz is a popular mobile network among the people of Pakistan since last few days. It facilitates the people of Pakistan with its unique and excellent offerings. Of course, there are different types of jazz packages. The combination of SMS, Mint, and MB is provided by Jazz on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and is close to the hearts of the Pakistani people.

WhatsApp is an important demand not only for younger people but also for older children. So, Jazz develops amazing WhatsApp packages from Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.

Jazz Daily WhatsApp Packages

The daily WhatsApp package from Jazz is a great bundle for less money. This package caters to the daily needs of jazz users regarding WhatsApp. Almost everyone has the WhatsApp. Uses because it helps send and receive SMS and enables people to make video and audio calls.

Below are some Daily WhatsApp packages:

Jazz Daily WhatsApp Packages

Daily WhatsApp bundle

Jazz introduced the Daily WhatsApp bundle for its users. It provides 10 MB and 1800 SMS in just one day at Rs. 7.17. If someone has a balance of less than Rs 10, they will go for it. To subscribe, users must dial * 334 #. To end the offer, dial * 334 * 4 #.

Terms and Conditions

This offer is for a limited time and changes are being made via the network at any time.

Rs 0.06 will be charged on checking the remaining condition.

WhatsApp Daily Offer

WhatsApp offers 200 MB for just Rs. 2 including daily offer tax. To subscribe to this offer, one must dial * 311 #. This offer is valid for 24 hours.

Terms and Conditions

This offer is valid not only in all of Pakistan, but only in some cities. People live in Alipur, Kabirwala, Khan Bela, Liaquatpur, Muzaffargarh.

The WhatsApp Daily offer will be activated automatically after 24 hours, with a 'subscription fee'.

This can be offered in all areas with 2G / 3G / 4G services.

If there is no balance, then automatic purchase is not possible. Customers must dial * 311 # to receive the offer.

Jazz Daily Social

Daily Social is a bundle that offers 500 MB for WhatsApp and Facebook. This offer is valid for only one hundred rupees in one day. 8.00 Includes tax.

Terms and Conditions

This offer is not automatically subscribed. Re-subscriptions are required to enjoy the offer.

The actual speed of the internet depends on various factors.

Jazz Weekly WhatsApp Packages

WhatsApp Weekly Packages are interesting and easily affordable by Pakistani people. These packages are continued throughout the week or for 7 days.

These packages provide more MB for WhatsApp than the Daily WhatsApp packages. Here are the details of some weekly WhatsApp packages.

Jazz Weekly WhatsApp Packages

Weekly WhatsApp and SMS

Weekly WhatsApp and SMS offers 25 MB of data and 1500 SMS for WhatsApp. This offer is valid for 7 days, and the balance required for this package is Rs. The Rs 20 offer will be deducted after subscribing. The purchase code for this bundle is * 101 * 1 * 07 #.

Weekly YouTube and social

Weekly YouTube and Social also consider WhatsApp's weekly packages as it provides 5 GB of data for WhatsApp, YouTube, IMO and Facebook for Rs 80 including tax. To subscribe to this offer, the code is * 660 #. It will last for one week.

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Packages

WhatsApp monthly packages are in demand among the people of Pakistan. These packages are very beneficial because of their wide 30 days. They are not expensive.

After subscribing to the monthly offer, customers live independently for a long month without the stress of repeatedly subscribing to the offer. WhatsApp monthly packages are described below.

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Packages

Jazz WhatsApp monthly

Jazz WhatsApp monthly package offers more incredible discounts in the form of 5GB data of WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO, and delivers 12,000 SMS for 30 days including tax in 89 days. ۔

The balance required for this offer is only Rs. To activate this amazing bundle of excitement, dial * 661 #. If you would like to disable the offer, please dial * 661 *4#


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