Telenor SMS packages daily, weekly and monthly list


Telenor SMS packages daily, weekly and monthly list

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Telenor SMS  packages daily, weekly, and monthly

Telenor is offering cheap SMS package plans to its customers. The “Telenor DJs Daily Messaging Bundle” has 300 SMS for all networks for just Rs. Telenor belongs to two types of user registered categories. Their names are Djos and Talk Shock. The above package is for D-Juice customers only. Talk Shock customers can get Telenor Daily SMS package for Rs 4.75. This package contains 240 SMS which is valid for all networks. Text Lover gets low budget package plan, Telenor offers very low budget SMS package plan in three different categories. These categories are Telenor Daily SMS Package, Telenor Weekly SMS Package and Telenor Monthly Internet Packages.

Each category has a complete list of SMS package plans. It has different prices and number of SMS. The given SMS can be used for any network. There are no network restrictions for sending SMS. Below is a list of all Telenor SMS package plans with buttons. Click on the details of any package and get complete information about the package you want.

Telenor Daily SMS Packages

Telenor offers cheap SMS package plans on a daily basis. Daily SMS package plans are suitable for people who are not frequent SMS users or want SMS data for a short period of time. Telenor Daily SMS package plans have a lot of SMS. Which can be used for any purpose. SMS package plans are suitable for all networks. There are no network restrictions in SMS package plans. Telenor Daily SMS Bundle can be enjoyed for only Rs. 4.78.

This price is very cheap which is not available on any network. There are many package plans including SMS with voice and internet data. Telenor Devices can be purchased for Rs. 13 per day. This package also contains audio data.

The Telenor Device Karachi offer has unlimited on-net minutes and 10,000 SMS for one day. The price of this package is Rs. The package will expire automatically after midnight. Telenor's 50 minute mini budget package includes 300 SMS and 50 on-net minutes for Rs. 15 per day. The Telenor 100 Minute Money Budget Package can be purchased for Rs. Contains 300 SMS per 100 minutes. Below is a list of Telenor Daily SMS package plans.

Telenor Daily SMS Packages

Telenor Weekly SMS Packages

Telenor has earned a good name in the telecom industry only because of its valuable package projects. Every package plan of Telenor is of great value. Telenor Weekly SMS package costs from Rs. 7 to Rs. 200. Some package plans are designed entirely for text and the rest include Internet data and voice data.

On this page, you can find Telenor Weekly SMS Package plans with full summary. If you are looking for plans that only contain text data, you can check out Telenor 5 Day SMS and Telenor Weekly Messaging Bundle. The 5 day SMS package plan contains 300 300 SMS for 7 days and 1200 text in weekly bundle. The price of each package is planned up and down from time to time.

The following chart has been completely updated, using which you can get the statistics of all the packages and the exact number of updated prices. Telenor Device Weekly SMS Bundle is another popular Telenor weekly package with 1200 SMS for 7 days for just Rs. 11.95. In addition, the Telenor Device Mint bundle contains 1200 SMS and 12 on-net minutes for 7 days. Full details of all the package plans can be seen below. Just click the description button on the scroll package plans and get the full details.

Telenor Weekly SMS Packages

Telenor monthly SMS packages

Like other telecom companies, Telenor is offering a series of packages that are developed daily, weekly and monthly. Telenor's package offer scheme is very strong. Older customers who have stayed with Telenor try to rejoin because of the appropriate package plans. One of the most popular and popular offer is Telenor SIM Application. The user gets 3000 MBs and 3000 on-net minutes for the next 60 days. Details of Telenor monthly SMS package.

Telenor monthly SMS packages

Telenor other SMS packages

Telenor has 3 days, 15 days with daily, weekly, and monthly plans. These package plans cater to many other users who do not interfere with daily and monthly SMS package plans. The Telenor 15-day messaging bundle costs Rs. Plans for this package include 600 SMS for 15 days.

Telenor Device 3 Day 3 On Net offers include 2500 on-net minutes, 500 SMS, and 150 MBs. The price of this package is Rs. In this list, you will get Telenor 3 days in an offer in which 150 on net minutes, 150 off net minutes, 150 MBs, and 150 SMS will be for only Rs. 35.85. Below we have listed all the miscellaneous package projects in great detail. Scroll down the page to check the name and price of each package, click the description button and get the full description of your desired package.

Telenor other SMS packages

Terms and Conditions:

The company has the right to change any package plan.

The cost of package projects also included taxes.

Not all package plans for international SMS are valid.

Package plans on the roaming list will never work.

The first package plan expires automatically when a second package plan is subscribed.

SMS package plans are suitable for all networks within Pakistan.

We've listed package plans for prepaid customers, not for prepaid customers.

All terms and conditions apply to all users.


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