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Ufone and Jazz Sim Lagao Offer

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Ufone SIM Lagao Offer

Have you taken your Ufone SIM out of your mobile and put it in your wallet as an extra SIM? If so, now is the time. Put this SIM back in your phone. Because Ufone has an interesting offer for older users like you, the "Ufone SIM Lagao Offer". Anyone who meets the standards of this Ufone SIM Lagao offer can take advantage of it. What is it? Keep reading and find out for yourself.

Ufone is one of the best mobile operators in Pakistan. It has millions of subscribers and more and more are subscribing to its services in Pakistan on a daily basis. They have interesting internet, call and SMS packages for their customers. That is why their customers are very satisfied with their services and offers. They also have professional but friendly customer service. You can take advantage of their services in any part of the country.

Ufone SIM Lagao Offer Details

To activate the Ufone SIM Lagao offer, all you have to do is activate your Ufone SIM. Which you have not used in the last 30 days or more. In the Ufone SIM Lagao offer, you can find the following resources: Once the customer dials and requests the offer. Then the bumper package will be activated. And users will have 6000 minutes which will be on-net, 6000 SMS and 6 GB internet data package. There will be no off-net minutes from the Ufone SIM Lagao offer.

The on-net minutes of the package will also be valid only for Ufone to Ufone and Ufone to PTCL customers. The 6000 SMS in this package will be free for all available networks. While 6GB of internet data will only work between 2G and 3G networks for internet browsing, data transmission and data downloading.

Ufone SIM Lagao Offer Quality

Don't know who this offer is for? Customers who have not used their SIM for more than 30 days can withdraw their SIM and take advantage of this SIM Lagao offer. If you meet the criteria for this offer, you can take advantage of these free resources and continue chatting with your friends. If you don't know if you can take advantage of this offer or are confused about it, you can call the Ufone Helpline 333 and clear your doubts. Customer service will remove your doubts, inform you. Whether or not you can take advantage of this offer and if you can. So they will activate this offer for you too. There are no activation charges for this offer.

Ufone SIM Terms and Conditions

  • Usage bonus will be available on usage of Rs. 5 or more
  • Ufone reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time.
  • All calls made through SLO offer will be charged Rs. 0.12 + tax from the 16th day.
  • A customer who has opted / activated this offer before April 17, 20 will continue to use SLO without call setup charges.
  • Bonus will be charged in rupees per minute of use. 0.12+ tax per call.
  • Internet offerings can be subscribed and used in areas with 2G / 3G / 4G networks.

If you do not know how to activate the Ufone SIM Lagao offer, you can read the information about this offer and enjoy the free Ufone resources. SIM card offer is very easy to activate Ufone. All you have to do is go through the process of activating this offer. Which we have provided. Enjoy free MB, minutes, and SMS and chat with your friends and family without interruption.

Jazz Sim Lagao Offer

Jazz users who have not used their SIM for months. They can check out Jazz SIM Lagao offer. Through the Jazz Band SIM Lagao Offer, a person will get free minutes, free SMS and free MB for a whole month without any charges. Jazz always says to welcome its valued customers and providers with interesting offers for them. Users who can change their network or who are new to the network. They can receive a welcome gift from this company. Following the merger of Mobilink and Warid, this offer is valid for both users. So if you are using Warid SIM or Mobilink SIM. So you can take advantage of Jazz SIM Lagao offer. Another thing to know is that people have to dial a specific code. Otherwise, they will not get the benefits of this offer.

In this offer both Warid and Jazz prepaid customers can avail many benefits related to free online minutes, free SMS, free internet MBs and much more. So if you are not a jazz customer then my advice. That you buy your new Jazz SIM and you have a lot of things free of charge. Here in this post, I've discussed all the details about Jazz's new SIM card offer, as well as subscribing codes, terms and conditions. Both the top popular networks are now providing the best services for their prepaid and postpaid customers and this offer is one of them as it is not a limited time offer. But it will update to activation in your new SIM. So keep reading this post to get more details about Warid / Jazz.

Details of Jazz SIM Lagao Offer

People who have not used their SIM for the last 30 days can activate their SIM and dial a simple code to activate this offer. This offer is valid for a limited time. Free minutes, SMS, and MB will be available all day from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. So these free things will not be available during these hours. The details of the Jazz SIM Lagao offer are as follows.

  • 3000 jazz / ward minutes
  • 3000 SMS.
  • 6 GB data (including 3 GB WhatsApp)
  • The activation code is * 551 #
  • Duration 60 days.

The same benefits mentioned above will be given to users who have recently purchased their new Jazz SIM. Jazz New SIM Lagao Offer 2021 activation code is * 551 # which is also the same for band SIM. So if you are a new Jazz customer or want to buy a Jazz SIM, be sure to take advantage of this offer.

Jazz SIM Terms and Conditions

  • Check out the rest of Jazz's offers. Dial * 111 #.
  • Free internet data or MB will not be used between 9am and 1pm.
  • Mobilink's latest offer will be changed by the company at any time.
  • The offer will be made on a special occasion like Eid, Independence Day.
  • This SIM Lagao offer is for prepaid Mobilink Jazz users only.
  • Jazz will provide 60 minutes for the next 60 days if you have subscribed to the Jazz SIM Lagao offer code.


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