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Zong App 6GB Free Internet

According to the company, there are more than 10,000 4G towers nationwide, enabling the network to provide download / surfing speeds of up to 16 MB. (As I have my own experience). These internet packages cost more than other internet providers. It is clear that if they provide the best service, they will receive more money.

Some tribal areas of Pakistan are missing from this list, as there is no 4G network coverage. So they are provided through high speed 3G network. Zong is offering something amazing. They launch their mobile applications. Where you can manage your account and available special promotion offers.

Not only this, with the help of MySong app you can do great things. Which gives you 6 GB free mobile internet. To get free mobile data, just download and register your prepaid or MBBS number. The My Zong app 6GB free offer is only for users who have not yet installed the Zong application. If you're one of them, don't wait, just go to the Google Play Store and install the application to get free internet for a whole month.

You will now have access to the amazing features of the Zong app. Let's manage your account, check usage details, activate any bundle with self service tool. It also offers you a variety of services. These include creating your own profile, bundle browser number, offers and packages.

To take advantage of the Zong Free Internet offer, be sure to create an account using your Zong mobile number. Not only is the offer free and the application but also download and install the application, internet charges will apply. If you are already using this offer. So you can check the remaining resources by dialing * 102 #. Which are free service.

6 GB Free Internet With Zong App Offer

Since this offer is valid for 30 days. But if you are changing your smartphone. So make sure you first unregister your account with your current device. Add your SIM to the new smartphone and then re-register with the new device. Doing so will allow you to stay connected to the Zong Free Internet.

This is a limited time offer. Suitable for first time registration. Also, only prepaid and MBB SIM customers can avail the offer.

Data volume6 GB
Duration30 days

The Zong My app also offers you a wide range of discounts on many of your favorite products. It gives you discounts on your favorite restaurants, hotels and more. Bringing better value and experience for consumers, consumers can now share their feedback through the Customer Survey option. This feature ensures ease of communication for users by providing real time feedback.

Zong 4G wants to take its customer experience to new heights with its excellent customer service. Through its innovative digital solutions, Pakistan's No. 1 data network is innovating to deliver the desired solutions to its customers and promises to do so in the future.

Ufone App 1 GB Free Internet

Ufone or Pakistan Telecom is a Pakistani GSM cellular provider in Pakistan. Most people know. Ufone is the third operator to enter Pakistan. The company was launched on January 29, 2001 under the brand name Ufone. Following the privatization of PTCL, Ufone became part of Etisalat in 2006.

Ufone was the youngest in 2018, 2019. In early 2019, Ufone launched its LTE service in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Now Ufone has launched its LTE service in Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Attock, Peshawar, Quetta, Pubi, Nowshera and Multan. Also, Ufone is planning to launch in all cities of Pakistan soon. Ufone has won the award for Best Communication Service Provider in 2012 by the Advertising Society of Pakistan.

To take advantage of this remarkable offer and lots of features, download the My Ufone app now and register yourself! Not only this, with the help of this app you can enjoy many features for free. If you are going to install the Ufone app for the first time, you will get 1 GB data volume free of charge. Let's explore any kind of content for the next two weeks.

All you need to do is download the application and install it on your smartphone. Enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It allows you. That you subscribe to data, SMS, voice bundles and offers of your choice. Also, after installing the application, you only need to create an account using your Ufone number. After registration, you will be notified of the incentive for free internet data.

500 MB of free data will be provided for the week before the day of subscription. Next 500 MBs for next 7 days. So you will have 14 days for 1 GB data volume. The Ufone My app allows you instant access to all internet and calling packages. You will also get discounts on various products. This includes shopping malls, hotels and more.

How to get Ufone app offer?

Like I said, it only serves certain users. And to get this offer you need to download and install the My Ufone application on your smartphone and follow these simple steps.

  • Okay, let's download the Ufone My app and create an account.
  • Next, open the "Ufone App" on your smartphone.
  • Tap on the "VAS" menu.
  • Press "Gate Code"
  • And last but not least, the discount on any available services. that's it!

How to install Ufone app?

Plus, the My Ufone app is a really powerful application. Which gives you the freedom to access and personalize your favorite services and products. You can now take full control of one or more of your Ufone phone numbers with just one login.

Ufone Terms and Conditions

  • Users are responsible for distributing balances, activating packages, or transferring money to another user.
  • Ufone will not pay for any transactions made by Ufone customers using the My Ufone app.
  • Ufone organization was done to the user through SMS application. Will tell you about any transaction.
  • All online payments must be permitted by the customer.
  • This is the responsibility of the user. That they do not share their application information such as username or password.
  • The company is not responsible for any misuse of credit or debit cards.
  • To avoid credit or debit card fraud, I make sure you don't use it on multiple Ufone application.


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