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Zong WhatsApp App Packages

WhatsApp is the number one social messaging app. Which has been ruling the world since its inception. Pakistan is also among these countries. Where WhatsApp is most used. Zong Pakistan is offering various Zong WhatsApp packages to win the hearts of its customers. With Zong, you can enjoy daily, weekly and monthly WhatsApp packages. Zong is even offering some free packages. Zong WhatsApp App Monthly, Daily and Weekly: This is the best mobile network in Pakistan and Zong Top Network in Pakistan due to its fast and good network. It has very cheap internet packages like daily internet package, DTO packages and offers and much more.

In Zong, users who want to join social media sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter are provided with a very nominal Zong WhatsApp bundle for users. Which also offers for Facebook, IMO and Twitter. These Zong social packs are especially important. If you do not check more often and want to use the information only for social media.

Zong is a Chinese-born telecommunications mobile network company. Launched on April 1, 2008, it has 36 million subscribers with a 21% share of the cellular market. It is the second largest mobile service provider and the third largest in terms of subscribers. The company has come up with various internet plans for its valued customers with affordable WhatsApp packages.

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Zong WhatsApp App Packages

Zong Pakistan offers daily, weekly, 15-day and monthly WhatsApp packages. These packages are tailored to the needs of the user. For those who use WhatsApp 24 hours a day. They can subscribe to Zong Monthly WhatsApp packages. If you only use WhatsApp and also need an SMS package, Zong has a solution for you in the form of Zong WhatsApp and SMS packages.

Now it's time to move on to the WhatsApp package. You can activate any package by dialing the code provided with the package.

Zong Daily WhatsApp Packages

Zong brings affordable WhatsApp package to daily WhatsApp users. Which can be activated daily. Zong designed a variety of data bundles at different times of the day. You can make such a choice. Which meets your daily chatting needs. After activating this package, you can use not only the free WhatsApp but also Facebook and Twitter. Zong is offering a daily bundle of WhatsApp which offers 199 MB for only Rs.500. Daily 10. This offer is suitable for one day.

Zong Daily WhatsApp Packages

Zong Weekly WhatsApp Offers

Zong brings an amazing weekly WhatsApp offer to its users. Those who are constantly interested in using WhatsApp. Introducing the weekly WhatsApp package, Zong provides a collective data bundle that includes a free WhatsApp with the added benefit of free SMS. Zong is offering a special offer for WhatsApp for 7 days. The price of this offer is 21+ tax and it includes 200 MB WhatsApp and 1500 SMS.

Zong Weekly WhatsApp Offers

Zong Monthly WhatsApp Packages

Zong offers many attractive long-term monthly packages to its prepaid customers. Those who do not want to repeat the daily shopping process. With Zong Monthly Packages, you can enjoy unlimited 4G WhatsApp for a whole month. These packages vary based on price and volume. You can get the package of your choice at reasonable rates. By activating this package you can make unlimited video and voice calls, download videos and share photos without worrying about the remaining balance. You can on this offer

Zong has a special WhatsApp offer for 30 days. Zong users can enjoy their favorite Zong monthly WhatsApp packages by following the procedure given in the table. So enjoy your offer for the whole month.

Monthly code * 247 # with Zong WhatsApp package you can get 4000 MB for WhatsApp. You can use WhatsApp for 30 days at no extra charge. WhatsApp is currently the most used in the world. Now you can sit in any corner of the world. But you can look at each other and talk. People in Pakistan talk on WhatsApp to talk to their families. Because its package is very cheap.

Zong is trying its best to provide good service to customers. Zong is Pakistan's first network. Which collect 3G and 4G licenses. You can activate this package on Zong SIM for only Rs. 50 every month and this is a very affordable offer.


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