5 ways to take a screenshot on Android phone


Screenshot is a feature that has been around for years on Windows or Mac operating systems and has been added to smartphones for several years now. With the Screenshot feature of your mobile phone, you can take pictures of the content that is displayed on the screens of different devices. This feature is useful when you want to generate educational content or save content. Taking a screenshot of a mobile screen is also a way to save a photo or text. In fact, using the screenshot feature, you no longer need to download photos or posts, and you can save the desired photo or post on your mobile phone or computer without feeling any noticeable change in quality. In this article, join us from Fa Mag host to learn how to take screenshots in Android Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Voice Command, Mobile Assistant, and Buttonless Methods  . In the next tutorials, we will also look at how to take screenshots on the iPhone .

screenshot on android phone

In this article, we will examine the following topics:

  • How to take a screenshot of a mobile screen
  • Take a screenshot of the phone screen
  • Buttonless screenshot with Android Assistant menu
  • Download buttonless screenshot app for Android
  • Screenshot app by swiping
  • How to take a picture of the phone screen with the voice assistant

How to take a screenshot of a mobile screen

One of the main questions asked by owners of smartphones with any operating system is how to take a screenshot of a mobile screen. Keep in mind that these methods may work differently depending on the operating system version or phone model. In general, most Android and iOS smartphones take screenshots with a general method, which is usually to press two buttons at the same time. In the following, we will teach you the methods of taking screenshots with your Android phone separately. There are various other ways to capture the screen on Android phones, among which we can mention the following 3 general methods.

1- Take a photo of the phone screen

On Android phones such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and other phones in this category, you can usually take a screenshot by simultaneously pressing the power button and the volume down button located next to the phone.

Keep in mind that the mobile screenshot methods mentioned above are common methods that people can use to take pictures of Android and iPhone phones. In the following, we want to explain to you different screenshot methods on different phones that you can use to take pictures of your mobile phone screen.

2- Screenshot without buttons with Android Assistant menu

Android phones offer a very attractive feature that you can have a small panel next to the screen of your phone. This panel provides quick access to the functional and required parts of the mobile phone, but is disabled by default. In order to activate this section, just follow the steps below, so you can easily take a screenshot without a button.

  1. First, go to the settings section of your mobile phone and touch the Accessibility option.

  2. On the screen similar to the one below, select Interaction and dexterity.

  3. In this step, to display the Android Assistant menu, activate the Assistant menu option.

  4. Similar to the image below, you will see the Quick Access menu or Android Assistant menu that has been added next to your phone screen.

  5. Now, by touching the Android Assistant menu, you will see the following options, including a screenshot.

To take a photo of the mobile screen, just touch the screenshots option on the page you want.

3- Download the screenshot app without buttons for Android

If for some reason your volume buttons do not work, on some Android phones you can access the menu to turn off, reset or take a screenshot by pressing the power button for 2 seconds .

But if your Android phone does not have a screenshot option, you can download the Screenshot Easy app from the Play Store and use it to add this feature to your Power menu. To do this, follow the steps below in order:

  1. First, in order to install the screenshot program, use the download tutorial from Google Play with mobile and download and install the Screenshot Easy program from the Play Store.

  2. Then tap Allow on the screen that appears.

  3. At this stage, the operation of launching the screenshot program begins.

  4. Next, you must enable the Alow permission option.

  5. Finally, the Android screenshot app will be installed on your mobile phone. You will see a floating icon on all your pages Touching this icon on any page will take a picture of that page.

Where are screenshots stored? These images will be saved in the screen shot folder in your gallery.

4- Screenshot program by dragging your hand

Another way to take a screenshot in newer versions of Android is to drag your hand from the side of the screen to take a screenshot.

  1. To enable this method of screenshot in Android, just search for Palm swipe to capture in Settings .

  2. Then turn it on.

5- How to take a photo of the phone screen with the voice assistant

The next way to take screenshots of the screen on Android phones is through the ability of the main voice assistants active on mobile phones such as Google Assistant or Bixby . This method is in the form of a voice command and you can take a screenshot by giving a screenshot command. For this purpose, you can read the guide for activating and deactivating Google Voice Assistant for Android  .

5 methods of taking screenshots of the screen of the Android phone that have been introduced are among the most famous methods by which you can take pictures of the phone.

In this article from Fa Mag host, we tried to teach you different ways to take screenshots of the screen on your Android phone. In the next tutorials, we will learn how to take an iPhone screenshot. Using the above methods, you can use the combination keys or when the buttons of your phone are in trouble, you can easily take a screenshot of your phone screen with the help of additional methods. If you know of another method that you think might be suitable for taking screenshots of Android or iPhone, let us know in the comments section.

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