A look at climate change in the world on Earth Day 2022

Earth Day 2022 Climate Change

#EarthDay is an annual event devoted to raising awareness of our planet and the importance of conservation and preservation. In honor of Earth day I teamed up with Chan Chi Lodge to plant trees in the heart of the rainforest!

Many countries suffer from deforestation! The loss of our trees can cause climate change, flooding, wild life extinction and erosion. Did you know that trees not only give us oxygen but purify our air? They also are a main source of food for several animals. This Earth Day I urge you all to give back to the planet! Whether you plant a tree, carpool, turn off your lights, or participate in a community clean up, you have the power to make a difference! Together we can save our planet!

Search engine giant Google continues its tradition of dedicating creative doodles on special days. Earth Day is observed every year on April 22. Google marks the day with a doodle to make people aware of the effects of climate change on our planet.
The doodle has a series of animations of four locations. This animation is being created to showcase how climate change has affected the Earth. The animation contains images from different years.


Scientists are now getting aRr#$TEd and getting desperate. We need to save the earth now!!! According to them, we only have 4-5 years. LET THE EARTH BREATHE.
Simply by performing the following. You may help and conserve the environment:
Ways to help :
- delete unwanted emails
- save electricity
- save water
- drive less
- plant more trees
- avoid smoking
- unplug electronics u don’t use
- use electric fan instead of aircon
- use LED lights
- spread awareness to your family and friends.
●Purchasing energy-efficient appliances such as lights, air conditioners, heaters, refrigerators, and washing machines.
●When you are not using something, turn it off. This includes lights, television, video games, and other electrical equipments.
●Don't burn plastics and dont cut down too many trees so that we can continue to breathe pure air.
●Delete unnecessary / unwanted emails, why? Deleting emails is the easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint on the computer, what is carbon footprint? Carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by an individual, event, organization, service, place or product, expressed as carbon dioxide equivalent.
I'm encouraging everyone to use ECOSIA as your search engine as they plant trees while you search on the web. 80% of their profit goes to non-profit organization that focus on reforestation. Small actions becomes big if combine together. Do your part. Save the earth.
🌳🔗 Hey there, want to plant trees with me? If you get the app, each of us will contribute to planting trees with Ecosia!
(1) Download Ecosia on your iPhone for free
Let's do this 😊

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