Download FM Whatsapp APK (Anti-Ban), latest version 2022

FM Whatsapp APK Download

Many of us who are users of social networks and messaging services like WhatsApp have tried both the original and the modified versions, so we find that mod apps are a better option in terms of performance.

If you have not yet tried a WhatsApp mode like WhatsApp FM, you do not know what you are missing out on, great options that guarantee more than just freshness, better performance and ease of use.

Elements that distinguish FM WhatsApp from the official version include: more security management, more customization features, increased privacy metrics, and a range of advanced options to gain experience Unique focus for each user.

Download FMWhatsapp APK

Why download FM WhatsApp?

When a developer completes a modification, it is done to improve a product built or, in this case, the official version of an optional program. They basically change the features and functions they already have and add other things that increase the flexibility of anyone using the program.

Not surprisingly, in all these situations many users use the official version instead of the one mode , the WhatsApp options are very diverse, generally very good and free, but you may agree with us and FMWhatApp Select compared to other products.

What is FMWhatsApp about?

In short, FM WhatsApp is a change of WhatsApp in its original or official version, ie it is a native product taken and made similar, but with some improvements. Although the official WhatsApp is great, stable and accessible, the FMWhastApp APK has even more features to offer. If we want to decide between different application options, we always choose the best one, and it is probably a fashion before a formal application.

You may be wondering where to get a WhatsApp mode or specifically the FM WhatsApp APK, because unlike the official apps in the Play Store, mods do not exist and you have to search for them on external sites.

When choosing where to get your apps, you need to keep in mind that this is a trusted and secure site, like our website, where we provide you with hundreds of useful links that belong to products. Which are really worth it and have been tested before. With active links and considering the latest updates.

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  • Last modified Aril 2022

Download FM Whatsapp APK

Characteristic elements of FM WhatsApp 12.25.0

This can cause a bit of uncertainty or even hesitation when deciding on the best option to decide on WhatsApp versions, as the modified apps are higher in performance than the original version.

It is possible that before you decide that you want more information about the program you need, we will advise you from our website and give you detailed advice on what might be the best option. However, it is recommended that you inform yourself about the unique features of the product and this time we will create a special guide for you with all the interesting FM WhatsApp data.

FM WhatsApp privacy features

This function points to a moment when we do not want others to know what our latest WhatsApp intervention was, the original version allows you to disable the "last time", but also disables the last time you see it. From other users

In FM WhatsApp mode we can block ourselves for the last time, but still view other people's data, so we are notified of this type of data, but by choosing the privacy of the hour or day of last access or interaction on the social network.

Activating the function is very simple, you just need to go to the three dots in the upper right corner of FMWhatsApp, then tap Mods and follow with privacy and click on Freeze Last Seen to finish .

Hide your status from FM WhatsApp

This is a very useful function for those who want to see the story or status of other users and remain anonymous, in the official version it is not possible, those interested should refer to an additional or third account, and the truth is that Not required with FMWhatsApp

By keeping the status view anonymous, other people will not receive the notification and your visit will remain a secret.

Blue response symptoms

Sometimes we are really busy or lacking in time to respond to WhatsApp messages, although we are interested to know what it is about. The official version has a function that marks the message they sent us that we do not want or can reply unread, but we have to go through a series of steps.

In the WhatsApp FM app, the read marks are shown in blue when we decide to reply to the message, thus preventing misunderstandings with our contacts. If we want to postpone a conversation and our friends are online, it can be useful, we can see the message and they will not understand it.

You can hide "Delivered" and BlueTick

As in the previous operation, a message can be sent and the sender does not know if it has been delivered or even modified, because it is possible to configure that only one line or check is marked and not two, also in color. , Prevents the normal blue color from appearing in the regular version. The interesting thing is that despite everything, as a user you can receive and read all the messages you want and no one will notice.

Hide text Write and record text

To continue with features that promote true privacy, this feature lets other people online not see if you're online, or writing or recording, as in the official version.

We can be online for hours and hours, talking to any audience and other users not understanding it at all, for me it is one of the best functions provided in this APK.

Messages can be sent to numbers not saved in your contacts list

It's incredible that we can send WhatsApp messages to people or numbers that are not in the contact list. To do the shipment, go to only three points in the upper right corner, select: "Send message to number", enter the number and send the message.

The same is true with voicemails and video calls. When messages are scattered or we know they will only be there once, it is very helpful to avoid saturating the contact list or entering new items that are not useful or necessary. .

You can disable the "Forwarded" tag in messages

In particular, I find it extraordinary that we no longer see a tag indicating forwarding when we forward a message to a person or group of contacts. It is annoying, it can cause anger or even distrust in those who receive tagged messages. To enable it, you need to go to the privacy function and then deactivate the message tag.

Select the contacts you want to call from

Thanks to this amazing feature, we can choose which calls to answer or who can call us and avoid calling unwanted contacts. WhatsApp calls can be avoided if we want to receive our mobile phone through a regular telephone line.


Can you imagine being able to see other people's stories even after being deleted? With FM WhatsApp you can. Users post temporary statuses or stories or wish to change them periodically, after changing or deleting, it is no longer possible for others to view them, however, FM WhatsApp allows this.

For many it may not be very important, but for those who are aware of changes in their audience, it is useful when you have not been able to find out about the publication for some time and you want to follow it. Another interesting fact is that the other person does not know that you are watching his stories.

Anti-delete messages

This is a function that allows us to read messages that have been deleted by the sender and for some reason deleted them before reading them. This function is called Anti-Deletion of Messages, so, as in the official version of WhatsApp, we can only see the notification that says "This message has been deleted". Many times we are skeptical about what they really wanted to tell us and now we have full confidence in all shipments.

This is one of the latest changes added to the app by the developers, so we should always be on the lookout for updates so that our app has the latest features and security.


We have very few options to change the look of the official WhatsApp, but to make our experience even better, the FM WhatsApp APK has a powerful suite of over 100 themes and other themes under development. We can always forget the same boring green color and decide to have something different even every day, just choose the one you like best.

FM WhatsApp FAQ

What is FM WhatsApp?

Les is a messaging app based on native WhatsApp.

What is the difference between official WhatsApp and WhatsApp FM?

In particular, the program is almost identical, but FM WhatsApp is a modified product, based on the original version. In the same way, photos, text and videos can be sent to all contacts, always based on the use of the mobile line.

It has more functions, many customization elements and security fixes, in fact, it can be used in a better way than the official version and other modes available on the Internet.

Is there a charge for FM WhatsApp?

The product is completely free and has no cost.

Where can I download FM WhatsApp?

You need to download it from third-party sites or third parties outside of the Play Store, as it is a modified application that does not comply with development policies. This does not mean that the program is not valid or that it causes us any inconvenience or problem.

We recommend that you download from our website, here are the links that guarantee their performance and safety. You should not doubt that malware or similar is going to be downloaded, which will cause you problems at some point. Products are always approved by our team before they are made available to users.

You can visit other places or sites that offer free download services but are not secure, remember to take care to keep your device in good condition and not waste time.

Information to download FMWhastApp APK

Final advice about FM Whatsapp

An important part of our communication resources is messages like WhatsApp, the official version is great, but when we can use another version, we realize that there are various options and functions that are not available in the regular program.

Consider being able to use messaging with more security or privacy features, such as staying anonymous when you do not want to be seen online or receiving or reading a message.

Do not hesitate to expose your data or lose your contacts after moving from one version to another, on the other hand, this device is for the most innovative mobile devices as well as devices that are very Not new compatible. Let's download and test WhatsApp FM.

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