How to take a screenshot with an iPhone

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Suppose the screenshot buttons of your mobile phone are broken or for any reason you want this shooting to be done in software. In such cases, you can use Apple Voice Assistant, screenshot software and the capabilities of the phone itself. The procedure is the same in iOS operating system. In addition to pressing the iPhone screenshot button, you can use methods such as the siri screenshot voice command or the screenshot feature in the iOS Assistant menu. In previous articles, we discussed how to take screenshots on an Android phone and explored what methods are available for taking screenshots. In this tutorial from the Fa Mag host , we are going to discuss how to take a screenshot with an iPhone . So stay tuned for the rest of this article. 😍

How to take a screenshot with an iPhone

As mentioned, in phones with iOS operating system , there are different methods for taking screenshot, the most common of which are three general methods.

Apple iPhone ScreenshotThere are three general ways to take a screenshot with an iPhone, as follows:

  • IPhone screenshot with button
  • Buttonless screenshot on iPhone
  • Siri voice command for screenshots

1- iPhone screenshot with button

On Apple phones or the iOS operating system, it is almost like taking a screenshot with the button in the shape of an Android phone. On those iPhone mobile phones that belong to the pre-iPhone X series and have the Home button, you can take an Apple iPhone screenshot by simultaneously pressing the Home button and the volume up button .

iPhone screenshot with button

In post-iPhone 8 versions that do not have a Home button , you can also take a screenshot of Apple by pressing the Power and Volume Up buttons at the same time.

iphone side button

Keep in mind that the iOS mobile screenshot method mentioned above is a common method that people can use to take pictures of iPhones. In the following, we want to explain to you the different screenshot methods in other iPhone models that you can use to take pictures of your mobile phone screen. Keep in mind that these methods depend on the version of the operating system. But there are good ways to take a screenshot of the iPhone without a button.

2- Screenshot without button on iPhone

In addition to the main method mentioned above, there are other methods for taking screenshots of the screen in the iOS operating system, such as getting help from the screenshot feature available in the iPhone Quick Access menu or Assistive Touch. Which we will discuss in the following.

Almost all Apple users have enabled the AssistiveTouch feature on their mobile phones. If the Assistive Touch or Quick Access menu is not enabled on your iPhone, follow the path below and set it on:

setting> Accessibility> Accessibility Shortcuts> Assistive Touch

  1. Touch the Assistive Touch feature in the corner of your phone.

    assistive touch in iphone

  2. When using this program, just enter the Device section to display the menus of this section.
    assistive touch button

    Finally, you must select the 
    Screenshot option to take a picture of the iPhone screen.
    Apple iPhone Screenshot Option

3- Siri voice command for  screenshot with iPhone

You can also get help from voice assistants to take screenshots of the screen on iPhone. On an Apple phone, you can also request a screenshot by ordering the iPhone's voice assistant, Siri .

Screenshot on Mac

Siri voice command to take a screenshot: All you have to do is issue the " Hey Siri, take a screenshot " voice commandThis will intelligently take a screenshot of the current page.

Note: Many of the features of iPhones without Apple ID do not work for you. As a result, if you want to know more about how to make an Apple ID, you can use the article Apple Making Apple ID + step-by-step tutorial video on making apple id .

On iPhone mobile phones, you may need to take a screenshot for any reason. In this tutorial, we tried to examine 3 ways to take a photo of the iPhone screen. Taking a screenshot of the iPhone with a button is one of the most common shooting methods, but in some cases you may need to take a photo of the mobile screen with the voice command and the help of Siri Smart Assistant. Or in certain circumstances you may want to take a screenshot without a button. In this article, we will look at some of the most common iPhone screenshots. What other ways do you know to take a picture of a mobile screen.

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