Helicopter trip and alleged expenses of Imran Khan as the Prime Minister

Imran Khan's helicopter

If he was the prime minister and used helicopters, what is wrong? Every prime minister uses helicopters and special squads."

That's right. But debaters say that Imran Khan used to give the example of austerity and if so, then why did he continue to do expensive helicopter rides?

The sports complex is located a few kilometers away from Bani Gala and the Prime Minister's House. Right here is Islamabad Heliport. There is a Sixth Aviation Squadron under the Cabinet Division.

You do not have the permission required to post. However, some of the administration officials present told the Media that there are more than five helicopters here, except Imran Khan, who has been the Prime Minister in the past and this helipad is used whenever there is a VVIP moment. Because, according to him, it is the only helipad inside Islamabad.

Administrative officials say that only army pilots perform their duties here.

When I went there on Friday, the officials told me, "Two helicopters have just arrived. Today is the VVIP movement, so you will not be allowed to go inside and get any information."

Note that the same helipad is also used by VVIP Movement, President and CDA officials.

Alleged cost of Imran Khan's helicopter trip

But on Thursday, the PML-N raised the issue of Imran Khan's use of helicopters as prime minister in exactly the same way as it did in 2018 after he came to power.

Federal Minister for Information Maryam Aurangzeb mentioned this in a press conference and then WhatsApp a white page of data to journalists which according to her is the details of the expenses incurred on the helicopter used by former Prime Minister Imran Khan. ۔

The document claims that during the tenure of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, he traveled a total of 2,725 hours by helicopter and spent a total of Rs 275,000 per hour.

According to the data provided by Maryam Aurangzeb, a total of 984 million or 98 crores were spent on this helicopter during June 2018 to March 2022.

According to the Ministry of Information, Rs 51 crore was spent on maintenance and repair of the helicopter and Rs 47 crore was spent on in-flight expenses.

Now if we look on an annual basis, according to the data provided by Maryam Aurangzeb, the details of the last four years are as follows.

After Imran Khan became the Prime Minister in August 2018, the cost of the helicopter till December this year was 37 million and a total of 289 hours were flown. In 2019, about 742 hours of flight cost 131 million. In the year 2020, with a decrease of a few hours, the flight hours were 729 while the expenditure was 143 million. In the year 2021, the travel time increased to 800 hours, this year the expenditure was reduced to 123 million.

Figures are also given till March this year and during this period Imran Khan used this helicopter for 164 hours as the Prime Minister and it cost Rs. 35 million.

If the budget for four years is reviewed, then a certain amount was set aside in the budget for its expenditure.

It is important to mention here that Imran Khan used to travel by helicopter not only to Bani Gala and office but also to Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Noor Khan base.

And in case of rain, the prime ministers do not travel by helicopter.

Where did the government get the expenditure figure?

The BBC also made repeated attempts to contact Maryam Aurangzeb and the Aviation Division, but received no response.

When contacted, Minister for Aviation and Railways Saad Rafique also asked to contact Maryam Aurangzeb but no reply has been received from the government till the publication of this article.

The joke is that they are renting a helicopter.

Following the news, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and former Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry tweeted and wrote, "The joke is that they are charging for a helicopter.

One expert looked at the government's annual cost sheet for helicopters and said, "The amount is almost the same as the number of hours reported for the flight."

He said that the fuel used in the helicopter is slightly different but he said that if a helicopter is supposed to be started even half an hour before take-off and there are separate maintenance costs. If it is inspected, the matter reaches crores. '

What happened in 2018?

Imran Khan's house is located in Bani Gala, about 15 to 16 km from the Prime Minister's Office. From an aerial point of view this distance is 8 nautical miles.

Residents of Bani Gala had become accustomed to the sound and echo of the former prime minister's helicopter over time, but initially the residents of this population, who live far from the city's traffic, also showed resentment.

The helicopter was rumored to be out of Bani Gala when one of his neighbors shared a video of a helicopter he was using on social media and wrote that the helicopter was now being used by the Prime Minister in Bani Gala. Used for carrying and carrying.

It was a few days after Imran Khan was elected and there was a discussion on Twitter that Imran Khan gives the example of austerity and gives the example of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands who used to go to office on a bicycle. Why are you taking expensive helicopter rides?

But then-Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry, speaking on the subject in a TV interview, said, "Helicopters cost between Rs 50 and Rs 55 per km."

He was criticized after the statement.

Imran Khan's journey as Prime Minister

Even now, if you pass by, there is security on the way to their house. When he was the Prime Minister, there was an additional check post and before he left his house, there was patrolling on this entire route and the route was also taken.

Officials at the Islamabad helipad say, "There are some white helicopters on the helipad inside. Everyone is the same and Imran Khan used to come from Bani Gala in one of them in a helicopter and then go to the Prime Minister's Secretariat which is a short distance away with security.

How much does PM's helicopter cost up to Bani Gala?

'Helicopter Rs 50 per kg'

An official on duty at Imran Khan's residence in Bani Gala told the BBC: "If Imran Khan was the Prime Minister, he would go to the office every day from 10 am to 11 am and return by 6 pm."

According to him, this has always been his custom during his tenure. What used to happen now was that their movement started 2 hours before they left home and returned home. He always used a helicopter, yes when the weather was bad he would go to the office by road.

"It only happened once that we had to use both land route and air for a few days," the security official said.

He says, "About six months ago, there was a threat due to which a ground route was prepared for Imran Khan and it was revealed that he was traveling in a car but still He used to board the helicopter.

What was the difference in security for land and air routes?

In response to this question, the security official said, "When Imran Khan used to use the air route, we used to deploy our security personnel on the high rise buildings of Bani Gala which we call 'Funal Area' and the security of the ground route was different." ۔ '

However, he says that whenever Imran Khan had to travel by land, he had to take a route and that situation was more challenging.

PPP Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokar said, “The Prime Minister who used to give examples of Prime Ministers who go to office on bicycles, spent one billion rupees on going to office. Taxpayers' money.

Journalist Zahid Gashkuri wrote in his tweet that “poor people have to pay around Rs. If they had wanted to, they could have made the journey in five thousand.

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