What to do after the mobile phone falls into the water?

mobile fall down in water
Sometimes there may be reasons for the phone to "fall into the water", in this report from the wet technology section, you will learn the basic solutions for repairing the phone.

Things to do after  the phone falls into the water

Mobile phones are one of the most useful tools in the world today, which compared to a few years ago, we see a dramatic advancement in technology that has become much more global and most people around the world use them with any amount of knowledge. But smartphones are evaluated for the technologies used in them and then priced!

افتادن گوشی در آب

Apart from the price of smartphones, maybe the main thing is something else, and this is nothing but the information inside the phone that we are willing to buy and ruin a few phones, but our information will not be harmed! Well, this is not a strange thing because smartphones are our second mind. However, sometimes smartphones may fall into the water due to elegance, distraction, etc. and turn off immediately.

Well, this is normal because a mobile phone is an electrical device, and when it comes in contact with water, it has disturbances that may cause damage. The question may arise for you whether waterproof phones can also be damaged ?! The answer to this question is related to the amount of impact on the phone! This means that when a phone falls from a height of 3 meters, it will be more damaged than a phone that has fallen from a height of half a meter, and there is a 100% chance of failure.

So if you come across terms like IP68 and IP67, it means the phone is resistant to water and dust, and it does not mean impact resistance! However, in the continuation of this report from the wet technology section, we want to introduce you to a number of solutions for mobile phones to fall into the water, which can be very useful. be with us.

Things you should not do

In general, after the mobile phone falls into the water, several ways and methods may come to the mind of each of us that by doing them, not only will the condition of the phone improve, but you will also play an effective role in its final destruction! For this reason, we have listed the things that you should not do in any way in the following section, and be sure to implement it step by step;

  1. Do not turn on the phone in any way, as electrical appliances can not work properly while they are waterlogged, and fire water may even increase the damage of the phone and you can no longer repair it.
  2. Do not connect the mobile phone to the charger under any circumstances.
  3. Do not press any key on the phone as it can be more effective in transferring water into the phone.
  4. Do not shake the phone! This can cause water in the phone to enter sensitive areas that should not be!
  5. Avoid the Greten hair dryer and place the phone in a hot environment! This method can only be effective in further destroying the phone.
  6. Just keep your mobile phone in the water!

Disassemble the phone parts

Water Damaged Mobile

If your phone has a removable back cover and you can access the battery, the first thing you need to do is open the back cover and then remove the battery and everything on the back of the phone that can be removed. Take it out. It should also be noted that if your phone is a new generation phone and its back cover does not open, do not worry! Just let the phone be off for a while and on the other hand such phones are waterproof and maybe a small amount of water is pushed into it during the impact.

Use a soft fluffy napkin

After opening the back cover, wipe the phone and the back cover with a soft fluffy cloth as well as a towel, and note that you should gently clean the back of the phone with a cloth to create a line. And do not scratch or damage the phone, thanks to which water droplets that have not yet entered the device will dry.

Use a vacuum cleaner !?


As you know, the use of napkins and towels can to some extent collect moisture and water droplets that have accumulated together! Well, to remove all the droplets on the phone, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner to remove the trapped droplets. Also note that the vacuum cleaner can not pose any danger to the phone and you just have to keep it away so as not to cause scratches and scratches on the phone.

Use waterproof frames

Fortunately, all the phones unveiled today have an option called IP68 or IP67 that can withstand water and dust. Well, of course, not all of us should use the new generation phones, and maybe our phone will be for 2017. What is the task now ?! Do we have to replace the phone at a high cost ?! There is no need to pay or buy a new phone, and if it is possible for you, we recommend it.

Mobile in the water

But if for any reason you can not, we suggest you use waterproof frames that will naturally be both shockproof and waterproof. That means one arrow and two targets! To find a waterproof and durable frame, it is recommended to spend a little and be sure to buy from the main dealers.

The final drying of the phone

The hardest step that you may not even imagine has come because you have to leave the phone for a while and not touch it at all. So if you need a phone and after doing the above, the water in the phone has not yet run out, it is recommended to get a phone to dry the phone in the way we will teach you.

Mobile Phone in Bag of Rise

To dry the moisture and water in the phone, most of the phone is placed in a closed drawer that has a higher temperature than room temperature, and sometimes it is possible to put the phone in a bag of rice, which is taken out after 2 or 3 days. they do. In this way, you can speed up the drying process of moisture and water in the phone, which is also one of the solutions for the phone to fall into the water, which can have a positive effect on repairing the phone.


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