Some Facts about Boyfriend, David Bonola in murder of 51 year-old Orsolya Gall

David Bonola

Last night David was spotted by officers while they were canvassing for surveillance. He was brought in and gave incriminating statements.

They had been having an intimate affair for 2 years off and on and had broken up prior reuniting in early April. The relationship was considered to be at an end.
She arrived home at 12:20AM, .He arrives to her house around 12:30-12:40AM. They have a domestic dispute and he murders her. The knife has been recovered and it is similar to the knives in the family home.
He dropped the jacket he was wearing in Forest Park. Boots, a t-shirt and bloody bandages were found in an undisclosed location. He sought medical treatment for cuts to his hands at an area hospital.
He had worked off and on in the family home for 2 years and knew where the spare key was.
They confirm the text was bogus and had nothing to do with any crime in the past.
They will not say if her husband knew of the affair
He has no criminal history.

Maria Ricupa Vazquez about David Bonola

just heard the NYPD news conference. I have to say I am shocked that this crime was committed by an adult as we all were sure it was a younger person from the video. I myself was certain it was a friend of one of the sons due to the sloppiness of it. (BTW.. I never thought it was the 13 year old) So this is what I heard from the news conference...
44 year old David Bonola , her handyman for 2 years, no prior record, came here from Mexico 21 years ago.

They had an on & off relationship for 2 years, he has done work in her home for 2 years. They reunited in early April, she came home first and he arrived about 10 min later & they went to the basement.
He used a knife from the home, and left the murder weapon at the scene, along with leaving his bloody boots, his bloody shirt and bloody bandages of his at the scene in a trashcan (SMH). He got cuts on his hand while committing this crime and he then went to a local hospital to get it treated. They found his bloody jacket in the park close to where the body was found.
They have many surveillance pictures of him which are clear its him. He confessed to the crime and he admitted sending those fake messages to the husband.
This guy left all kind of evidence & DNA, why even bother moving the body. Its almost as if he wanted to get caught.
I am glad they got the killer but this is going to be a long road of recovery for them 2 boys ... I cant imagine what they are going thru. My heart goes out to them , especially the younger one who was there when all this happened. 🙁

The Crime Shack Podcast about David Bonola

Facts about David Bonola

At some point #DavidBonola was FB friends with #OrsolyaGaal, but she is not currently listed as his friend.
He had two facebook accounts and would use one of them to comment on her photos. Here are some snaps of his FB page and some of the comments 😯
Bonola and Gaal had an intimate affair for about 2 years on and off. Bonola was employed to do odd jobs around her house for a few years, and allegedly went to her sometime after 12:40a on Saturday. He was either let in or used a key hidden inside a barbecue. They got into a heated argument and he brandished a weapon and stabbed her in such a frenzy that he had blood all over his clothes and wounds on his hands - the knife was found at the scene and was similar to knives in her home.
After disposing of the body, Bonola fled through the park, where investigators discovered his jacket. They also found bloody bandages at an undisclosed location and learned Bonola had received treatment for wounds to both hands at a local hospital.
His bloody boots were found in a trash bin behind Gaal's home.
Their relationship had been rekindled in April - but at the time of the murder it was considered “off.”
Bonola allegedly sent a text message to Gaal's husband from her phone after the murder that referenced a previous crime and indicated the rest of the family was in danger - police said there was no past crime and no danger to Gaal's husband and two children.

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