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Increasing the speed of Android internet is one of the needs that all users are looking for. Whether you accept it or not After a while, the number of apps installed on your phone increases. As soon as they connect to the internet, these apps start to sync, and they also allocate a portion of the internet speed to this task instantly. Which will reduce the speed of the Internet in Android. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the internet speed on your phone by using the trick of increasing the internet speed of Android.

If you also feel that the internet speed on your phone has slowed down, join us at the end of this tutorial to introduce the tricks of speeding up the internet. If you use these tricks, your internet speed will increase to a great extent.

Increase  Android internet speed

These days, the use of the Internet has become an integral part of our lives, because a search can find a sea of ​​information. But not everything is so easy and if the internet connection speed is low, we will enter the painful part of the story. Therefore, it is necessary to use the methods that are available to increase the speed of the Internet on an Android phone to increase the speed of the Internet on Android, which I will introduce in the following.

1. Use the browser Data Saver mode

The default browser for the Android phone is Google Chrome, both of which are Google Chrome and the Android operating system is owned by Google. This is why this browser is installed on the phone by default from the time you buy the phone. One of the features of this browser is a feature called Data Saver, which if enabled, you can reduce the use of the Internet to the lowest possible volume, and therefore you will encounter a significant increase in Internet speed in loading sites.

To enable this feature, click on the vertical dots menu icon on the right side of the browser. In this case, you will enter the Settings option, which you must activate the Data Saver option with the switch in the next menu. Data Saver mode uses Google's servers to compress web pages, which will provide you with faster web pages, loading pages faster and thus speeding up the Internet.

2. Use low-volume versions of programs

Many Android app developers offer their apps in two types. One of these is the official program that has a high volume and you can use all the capabilities that the software provides you in the program. But another version, usually called lite, has a smaller volume and the capabilities used are less than the original version of the program in this version.

In these small versions you will only have access to the main features of an application. Successful examples of these programs include twitter lite, facebook lite, Google maps go, etc., which, despite their small size and provide you with less capabilities of the program, but the Internet speed will be better when using these versions. Was.

3. Disable widgets

Most of the used widgets that are commonly available in most of the used applications of the phone include graphic items and data that sometimes you need to be connected to the Internet to display them. That's why it's best to minimize the number of widgets you use on your phone.

In addition, the widgets will be graphical, which will make your phone a little slower due to the allocation of processing resources that are available to display them.

4. Delete extra files from the phone

Using the Internet using a browser or applications that receive data from the Internet requires adequate space and adequate resources. If the number of applications on the phone is high, these resources will be available to other applications, and the more you have, the more problems you will have in using the Internet. Because the browser cache stores the data in cache, if the cache is low, the data is downloaded directly from the site server due to unavailability of cache, which slows down and prolongs the display of data from the Internet.

So it is better to delete the programs that you use less or put them in Force Stop mode or temporary deactivation so that they do not occupy the processing resources of the phone unnecessarily. This will provide resources to other applications and will improve both the speed of the Internet and the speed of the phone.

5. Check Internet settings

Sometimes the problem of slow internet can be due to the internet settings of the phone on which it is installed. To make sure of this, it is better to go to the network settings or Network Manager Settings of the phone and check the Internet settings for your phone.

Mobile network setting

If the settings are not applied correctly, you can use the following articles to reinstall the Internet settings on your phone.

6. Use the application to increase the speed of the Internet on Android

As mentioned above, some applications require the Internet to run in the background when syncing and will consume your Internet. One way to increase the speed of the Internet in Android is to use programs that prevent the implementation of these programs.

These applications temporarily deprive you of Internet access based on the settings you specify when using the Internet. Therefore, all your internet traffic will be in the possession of a program such as a browser, in which case you can experience more speed on the Internet.

Faster Internet 2x

One of these applications, called Faster Internet 2X, has been released on Google Play, and if you use this application, you can have up to twice as much speed as when the phone applications use the Internet. In addition, these programs will improve the signal reception and antenna of the phone. To download this program, you can click on the button below.

Download Faster Internet 2X

7. Use mobile internet instead of Wi-Fi

According to the internet tariff offered by different companies, the speed of mobile internet can be better compared to fixed internet speed. Therefore, one of the ways that can make you experience a higher internet speed is to use the mobile internet provided by Irancell, Hamrah Aval, Irancell and اپ operators.

With the advent of 4th and 4.5th generation internet, this issue has become more important and it can almost be said that if you are in a location where 4G and 4.5G internet is supported in your network, you will not have any limit on internet speed. Because in order to have faster speed in fixed internet, you have to increase your tariff and incur more costs.

I hope that this tutorial has been of interest to you and with its help, you can increase the speed of the Android Internet. If you have any questions or problems regarding this tutorial and how to increase the speed of the Internet on your Android phone with the help of the Android Internet Speed ​​Up program, let us know in the comments section.

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