10 ways to remove dark spots on the Skin


black spots on face

Remove dark spots on the skin

One of the serious problems facing women in different stages of life is dark spots on the skin , as these spots appear in many places on the body, especially in places of fatty grains that appear in various parts of the body, and on the face in particular, which causes inconvenience to many women who are looking for ways Pharmacological and natural treatments in order to treat this dark layer on the body, so we talk through this article about the causes of these dark spots, with the treatment methods for removing dark spots in the skin.

Causes of dark spots on the skin

Dark spots appear in the skin due to many common mistakes people make while dealing with the skin, such as:

  • They appear after getting rid of various pimples and pimples from the body.
  • Use of inferior cosmetics.
  • Use harsh soap on the skin.
  • Direct exposure to the sun without precaution and applying important protective creams to protect against it.

This is about the causes. As for the treatment methods, they are very numerous, which we will learn about in the next few lines

Treating dark spots on the body in many ways

There are many ways to treat dark spots on the skin, and they are natural and medicinal methods that we learn about through the following points:

·         Treating dark spots in the skin through fruit acids
some types of fruits such as oranges and lemons are a great remedy for removing dark spots from the body, because these fruits contain vitamins that help the body such as vitamin C and other substances such as collagen that benefit the skin and that discourage the pigment in the skin. The skin and thus reduce dark spots in the body.

·         Hot honey quickly removes dark spots from the skin
One of the important ways to remove dark spots in the skin is to heat honey to an acceptable temperature and then put it on the dark areas and then rub it a little after its application, which can be placed for twenty minutes, it is an ideal, wonderful, effective and fast treatment for treating spots permanently dark skin.

·         Adding honey with milk and placing it on dark spots
One of the important treatment methods through natural elements is to put honey on milk and then put this mixture on dark spots. This method is very important as milk is characterized by some natural acids that resist pigmentation and discoloration on the body, while honey helps to renew epidermal cells continuously.

·         Removing dark spots in the skin through onions
help as a therapeutic ability to get rid of freckles, pigmentation and dark spots, where it can be through cutting onions or squeezing them twice a day and continuing on this until the disappear spots completely, as they gradually lighten and help skin cells.

·         Treating dark spots in the skin by cutting the cucumber with lemon
and this is one of the common ways where it can be through small cucumber pieces mixed with fresh lemon juice, then put it on the dark places in the skin, to continue and repeat this treatment process always to ensure great results where stains can be removed significantly after two days of using this treatment method, and this method is to cut the cucumber into small slices, then pour fresh lemon juice on these slices, then put them in the refrigerator for a period of time, and then put them on the dark places.

·         Treatment of removing dark spots in the face through fresh lemon juice, fresh lemon juice
can treat dark spots and the effects of grains, pimples and others on the face with what is known as brown melasma and others, by putting fresh lemon juice on the face continuously , which means obtaining a quick and determining result in removing especially brown spots on the face.

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Removing black spots on the body caused by acne There are many important treatment methods, including applying natural honey on the face and body for a period not ranging from twenty minutes, continuously and daily, to obtain great results to get rid of acne pimples, and the resulting dark black spots, provided that the treatment process is repeated daily for a good period of time order to remove it completely.

1.       Treatment of black spots in Oily Skin
Oily skin is one of the types of skin that is exposed to many skin injuries, including, of course, the presence of dark spots either on the face or body, and there are many important treatment methods in this Regard, perhaps the most important of which is mixing an equal amount of water and vinegar with skin massage. It is preferable to repeat this treatment process in order to obtain a great result, but it can be stopped at the beginning of removing these dark spots so as not to affect the skin and skin layer due to oily secretions.


2.       Treating black spots through Mint Leaves
Another treatment method can remove dark spots from the body and face in general, and this treatment method lies in placing an egg on the whole mint leaves and then mixing them well and using this mixture to put it on the dark spots in order to get rid of them completely, and it can be repeated The process is continuous until we get a wonderful treatment, and this method is to put the mixture on the dark spots for a quarter of an hour, then wash it with lukewarm water and repeat the process until the stains are completely removed.


3.       Treatment of dark spots on the skin through Laser Operation
An important medicinal and therapeutic method can remove brown and dark spots, whether on the face or on different areas of the body. It spreads quickly, that is, it is used in treatment to remove these pigmentation and colors that fall under the persistent and malignant type, so laser operations are resorted to, but there are many cases in which this solution does not work, and in any case, the doctor is the one who determines the case that works With the laser operation or not.

the face It is worth nothing that there are many important ointments and creams that have been proven effective in treating dark spots and places, whether on the face or on the body, so it is necessary to choose the best in them after consulting your doctor, and do not choose inferior cosmetics or creams, which may get worse with them, The special advice and treatment methods that we mentioned in this article are followed.


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