Find your photos on the internet with PimEyes


Find your photos on the internet with PimEyes

Well-used technology can
be really useful, as is the case with PimEyes, a website that uses its
artificial intelligence and image recognition to provide face searches.

Its function can even be
quite useful, although misused it could track people, something that we do not
know to what extent it can be good, especially in terms of privacy.

Find your photos on the
internet with PimEyes

If you are one of those
people who have photos on the internet but want to know where they are, then
you should try PimEyes , with this tool we can find
photos of our face all over the web

It works quite simply, we
just have to upload a photo where the face can be seen clearly, perform the query
with images from a file or directly from a URL.

Upload your photo or
image and let the artificial intelligence do the rest

Later, the application
shows the results where your photos appear, the first ones are almost always
related to the social networks where we have profiles and then expand the
search. Find the places where your face was housed , its
technology uses mathematical algorithms to convert the image into a parameter
that later finds matches on the internet.

The web application is
free but if we want to know the complete address of the URL where the image is
located, we must pay a subscription of 17 euros, something that does not make
sense because the removal of external photos can only be done with the
administrators of said websites, that is, we are paying only to know where it
is but they do not manage its elimination.

Leaving the above aside, PimEyes is a webapp that we recommend
exploring. You may be surprised to find your photography on unfriendly sites.

Other interesting webapps
you should know

We are going to talk
about those online tools that we should know or at least use once in a
lifetime, pay close attention because these webapps will be part of your

The first is WikiDiff ,
with this we can know what is the difference between two words in
English. We are facing the perfect tool for learning the new language,
take advantage of the time and solve those doubts, for example, meaning between
Home and House.

Surely you already know
Photoshop, this program is used by millions of people for photo
editing. Well, with Photopea you
can have a free Photoshop in the cloud.

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