Gamma Pehlwan on his 144th birthday with a doodle

Gamma Pehlwan

Google has paid tribute to the 52-year-old undefeated Gamma Pehlwan on his 144th birthday with a doodle.

Ghulam Hussain aka Gamma Pehlwan on 144th Birthday Google has made him part of the doodle. He was born on 22nd May 1878 in Amritsar, India.

He challenged wrestlers from all over the world in London in 1910 to make a name for himself in the world of wrestling and won the Rustam Zaman title by defeating Zebsco and was also entitled to a gold belt. Even today it is still standing. On his return, he reunited with Rahim Bakhsh Sultaniwala and this time defeated Rahim Bakhsh and crowned Rustam Hind.

Wrestler Gama Pehlwan

Gamma Pehlwan's diet consisted of 15 liters of milk, 3 kg of butter, goat meat, 20 pounds of almonds and 3 baskets of fruit daily, all of which was borne by Maharaja Patiala himself. Wrestling with 40 wrestlers, 5,000 seats and 3,000 poles was his daily routine.

He fell ill in the last days of his life but the government did not show much interest in his treatment and this bright star of art wrestling sank forever on May 23, 1960 at the age of 82. Gamma Pehlwan was one of the kings of the world of wrestling. To date, no one has been able to replace it.


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