The fastest 4 ways to enlarge the buttocks


Woman beauty

Physical beauty is a goal sought by many people. Women always
make sure that their outer appearance is completely satisfied with it before
their spiritual beauty. Therefore, women are always looking for natural ways to
enlarge the buttocks naturally and safely without going through expensive plastic
surgery. The secret of a woman’s beauty lies in the beauty of her body, as the
first impression that people take of a woman is based on her body and shape,
and some women suffer from small buttocks, which causes them anxiety, shame,
and isolation from the surrounding society.

Natural ways to
enlarge the buttocks

Natural honey and fenugreek

Mix a tablespoon of ground fenugreek with a teaspoon each of natural honey and raisins;
add to the mixture a little mineral water.

Eat this mixture once a day for a whole month, to get faster results, and do
some exercises that contributes to tightening and lifting the buttocks.

Natural honey and sesame

Mix two tablespoons of sesame and one tablespoon of honey, and then keep
consuming this mixture, once in the morning and once in the evening, for a
whole month.

Then, you will have a big and beautiful looking butt.

Dates and milk

Melt a small piece of butter, add to it two mashed dates, then add half a cup
of lukewarm milk and a quarter cup of boiling water to the butter and dates.

Stir the recipe well and consume it, once a day, in the morning and evening,
for ten consecutive days.

Olive oil and fenugreek oil

This recipe is not for consumption like the previous mixtures, as it is enough
to mix two tablespoons of each of olive oil and fenugreek oil, then apply the
mixture on the buttock area, massaging it well with your fingertips, for half
an hour.

Effective butt
enlargement exercises

We offer you a set of exercises that increase the size of your
butt naturally, and these exercises are simple squat exercises that can be
practiced at home.

Apply this recipe three times a week.

Butt muscle tightening exercise

where the thigh muscles are tightened, then inhale for several seconds and then
relax and exhale and repeat this exercise more than three times on a daily
basis to get an effective and amazing result.

Wide squat

  • You can do this exercise 40 reps per day, as
    it works to strengthen the buttock muscle, and after a week you will
    notice the difference and the amazing result.

  • Tight squat exercises and this exercise is
    very effective in getting a big butt in the shape you want to make your
    body very elegant and attractive. Make sure to practice this exercise 50
    reps on a daily basis.

Back exercise

This exercise is
done by lying on the back and raising the knees towards the chest area. This
exercise tightens the butt muscle and is practiced on a daily basis, which
leads to the enlargement of the buttocks and raises it to make its shape
consistent with the rest of the muscles of the body.

Get a big butt in a

  • If you follow these steps, you will get a big
    butt as quickly as possible. Follow us.

  • Make sure to rest continuously and sit for a
    long time, as it helps to develop the muscles of the buttock area, as
    sitting for long hours helps to get a large butt.

  • Also, massaging the buttocks continuously
    helps to enlarge their size, to suit the rest of the muscles of the body.

  • There are also a number of natural recipes and
    foods, which we mentioned also, help you to get a big butt.

  • Also, eating complex sugars is effective for
    getting a big butt and strengthening the muscles in this area.


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