global village

global village

 Definition of global village.

the world viewed as a community in which distance and isolation have been dramatically reduced by electronic media (such as television and the Internet)

Did you know?

The term global village is closely associated with Herbert Marshall McLuhan, the Canadian communications theorist and literature professor hailed by many as a prophet for the 20th century. McLuhan's mantra, "the medium is the message," summarized his view of the influence of television, computers, and other electronic information sources in shaping society and modern life. By 1960, he had delineated his concept of the "global village," and by 1970, the public had embraced the term and recognized the idea as both exhilarating and frightening. As a 1970 Saturday Review article noted, "There are no boundaries in a global village. All problems will become so intimate as to be one's own....

Examples of global village in a Sentence

Recent Examples on the WebHan knows this territory intimately: a car-culture web of roads, home to a global village, attracting immigrants from near and far, changing a one-time farm town into a multilingual metropolis.— Dallas News, 12 Nov. 2020Censorship laws will mean another set of walls dividing the global village.— The Economist, 7 Nov. 2019Here nonprofits work together to assist a working class global village of immigrant and refugee families who speak about two dozen languages.— Dianne Solis, Dallas News, 8 Apr. 2020
In today’s global village, an outbreak anywhere has the potential to travel everywhere.— Howard Markel, Wired, 4 Mar. 2020The peoples of the world have seen the movement of globalization nurture in them this common dream of seeing the Earth become a genuine global village.— San Diego Union-Tribune, 25 Sep. 2019Images that showed the transition from lights-on to the dramatic total blackout in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria last September brought home the fallacy of the global village.— Giovanna Dunmall, Curbed, 31 May 2018Technology could make the global village feel more like a fearful, distrusting swamp.— The Economist, 24 May 2018Facebook, an agile private company, seemed poised to usher in the global village in a way that the United States, a lugubrious republic, never could.— 

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