Lion Man statue 40,000 year's old Statue


 Lion Man

Lion Man statue 40,000 year's old Statue

 This tiny statue in the museum in Ulm, Germany, was made by a man 40,000 years ago. The statue was made of the teeth of a mammoth, an elephant-like species. The statue was found in 1939 in a cave in Baden Wuttenberg, Germany.

 The head of the statue is like a lion and the torso is like a man. This statue is a testament to human creativity. This was the time when there was an ice age on the earth when huge glaciers covered a large part of the earth. This period began 2.6 million years ago and ended about 12,000 years ago.

 Surviving the cruelty of nature, cold weather and animals, man has reached the age where he is fighting for his survival better thanks to his intellect and science. Nature has always been cruel to man, sometimes cold, sometimes hot, sometimes severe weather, storms, natural disasters. Today, if man did not resist nature, he would not be able to survive.

 We may never know the story of this statue of Loin Man and the man behind it, but it is proof that a small human community must have lived in this area 40,000 years ago. Surrounded by animals and fighting for survival in caves. And someone would have spent 400 hours carving this statue.

 A human masterpiece, the creation of a man living in a cave, our story. A man like us


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