What is Exponential Thinking


 Exponential Thinking.

What is Exponential Thinking


If we fold a simple piece of paper once and then fold and fold it a second time, how many times will the thickness of the paper be such that it touches the surface of the moon, that is, the thickness of the folded paper from the earth to the moon? What is the distance to (384,000 km)?

 The answer is only 42 times? Gee, you read that right, only 42 times. And if you fold the same paper 81 times, then one light year (that is, the distance that light travels in one year). Almost everyone will be surprised to hear this and say that it is impossible. This is because the human brain cannot think exponentially but linearly.

 Exponential refers to doubling the frequency of an object. That is, two to four, four to eight to sixteen.

 In the process of evolution, the human brain developed linear thinking instead of exponential. This is because linear thinking was enough for human survival. The hunter saw the animal running at a certain speed that was not doubling in succession. Similarly, many objects around him, such as plants and trees, grew at linear speeds.

 Linear thinking was enough for the man living in the cave. Today's man is living in the age of technology and technology is advancing at an exponential pace. Until yesterday, a computer with simple functions was the size of a room, and today there are many smart computers with such complex functions inside the smartphone in the palm of our hand. Man does not understand the exponential speed of technology - competition with machines will not be enough for man in a short time. The imperative of the modern age is that we spend all our lives learning and understanding the latest technologies.

 Due to this Exponential Growth, Artificial Intelligence will go so far that we humans will not be able to reach its intelligence. For example, Google's project AlphaGo, which beat the human champion of the Chinese game Go, even more difficult than chess, in 2017.

 Artificial intelligence will become so intelligent that even humans will not be able to understand what robots with artificial intelligence are thinking. Maybe they think of destroying us or make us their slaves.

 Even if this does not happen, the status of man in his own society will become less and less. Many human occupations will end in the near future, such as laborers, farmers, carpenters, cooks, etc. Because they will be easily replaced by robots.

 Technology will disrupt human society to such an extent that human beings will exist but will become insignificant. People who will be of no use to society. Such human beings will be called Useless class.

 This will be a major challenge to human survival in the 21st century. Never before in human history has there been such a threat - are we humans ready for it? Only time will tell. But I wish we could think exponentially.


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