Meteor Fireball In The Sky

Pakistan's meteor fireball. 

This is the story of 2018 when people were busy with their daily life in Panjgir area of ​​Bhakkar when suddenly a bright light appeared in the sky and a loud explosion was heard.
As soon as people hear this sound, they gather at the site of the explosion and see that there is a black rock weighing two to three kilos. Where did this stone come from? It turned out that this rock has fallen from the sky and in fact it is one of the many meteorites that fall on our earth every day.
According to a conservative estimate, about 15 million meteors fall on our earth every day. According to this estimate, these meteors bring about 15,000 tons of material to the earth every year. Most of them are very small in size and because they enter the Earth's atmosphere very quickly, they are reduced to ashes by friction with the air. But sometimes a meteorite is a little bigger and even after rubbing, the ash does not dissolve completely in the atmosphere.
One such stone entered the atmosphere of Bhakkar that day.

What are asteroids actually? This is an interesting topic.
Asteroids are fragments of broken stars or planets. They are mostly made of iron, silver, gold or diamond. That is, most have chemical elements in their chemical composition. They also contain a combination of salts and organic and inorganic compounds.
About four and a half billion years ago today, when our solar system and the earth came into being from gas clouds and dust, many pieces of rock began to float in an orbit around the sun in space in the process of forming planets. These fragments are mostly found in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. But it can also be caused by stars coming from outside the solar system or exploding in another galaxy.
Since these fragments were formed with the birth of the solar system, they are of great scientific importance. By researching them, we can better understand the formation of the solar system and the earth. That is, these meteors are for the secrets of the universe within them.

Now let's come to the meteor that will fall in Bhakkar in 2018. So the situation is that it is almost five years and this Shahabia sent to Punjab University from a police station in Darya Khan is still missing.
The disappearance was also mentioned in a BBC report in 2020. But it will not reach the ears of the government of the day.
The idea was that there would be research on this meteorite and Pakistan would make some progress in increasing scientific knowledge. After which it will be kept in a space museum to be built in the future for the general public's interest in space and science. But longing for the buds that withered openly.

What a lament for science and history.

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