Blogging and a successful blogger



Blogging and a successful blogger

According Oxford Advanced Dictionary a blog is “a website where an individual person, or people representing an organization, write regularly about recent events or topics that interest them, usually with photos and links to other websites that they find interesting

If we use the blog in a right way we can get many advantages from it like we can share our ideas with our followers and most importantly we can earn money if we have a reasonable following ,but the question is how can one become a leading blogger followed by millions and even trillions.

How a blogger should be

Ø  I believe that in blogging, one can write if something he writes,  is his/her passion , at least every person has  something within.

Ø  Everybody wants that his blog should be different from rest in his niche and this should be kept in mind all through blogging career.

Ø  Because you are being followed by, so read, read and do research.

Ø  Try to leave a positive impact on your readers.

Blogging benefits

Ø  Whatever we write is called a content. A content is the sole of business because millions and trillions of internet visitors reach you through words used in your blog. So I can say that each and every word in your blog may give a thousands of dollars even more. Internet is a prodigious or in a very simple language a huge online market where people can reach through google, social media like Facebook, twitter. Your catching content will force them to stay and wait for your next content.

Ø  If blog is good, they will give their feedback and will kick start a new activity.

Ø  If you write efficacious article some visitors will sign a business deal with you.




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