Kashmir Valley: Tourism and its future



When it comes to beautiful and attractive tourist destinations in Pakistan, Kashmir Valley has the right to be one of the best places in Pakistan. This area is the most beautiful plains of Pakistan, lush green fields, snow-covered hills, forests, pastures, rivers, cold and hot springs and precious herbs. That's why Kashmir Valley is called heaven. The total area of ​​Kashmir Valley is millions of square kilometers. But Kashmir Valley administered by Pakistan, which we call Azad Kashmir , has a total area of ​​13297 square kilometers. Its three divisions are Muzaffarabad, Poonch and Mirpur, while ten districts (Muzaffarabad , Neelam, Hattian, Bagh , Haveli , Poonch, Suddhnoti, Kotli, Mirpur and Bhimbar) which present a paradise for tourists. Kashmir Valley has a wide range of high and snowy mountains. The immense areas of pristine scenery in the country allow the tourists to spend their happy time and enjoy the mesmerizing views of nature as well as the lovers to refresh and cherish their time. The local costumes of the region are very impressive. The pure culture of Kashmir Valley is reflected in its delicious food, handicrafts and festivals. Local people welcome tourists with love and generosity.

Beauty of Kashmir Valley

The beauty of Kashmir Valley is ringing all over the world. The cities of Muzaffarabad, Bagh, Rawalkot, Mirpur, Forward Kahota and their adjoining small areas have been attracting tourists for years. However, there is a dire need to boost Kashmir Valley's tourism industry. The new administration of the country is working hard to improve the infrastructure of the state. It is heard that the current Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Valley, Sardar Tanveer Ilyas, is committed to establishing Kashmir Valley Airline, which will provide tourists with cheap flights. Timely tourist destination will be accessible. Due to which many foreign and local investors have invested in the tourism industry because they know that the country has great potential for tourism. Many problems related to tourism in Kashmir Valley will be solved in the coming years. Currently, investors are spending a good amount of money on the country's cultural sites, which will generate billions of dollars in foreign exchange for the country, along with a huge increase in local people's employment and business. Kashmir Valley's many forts, museums, historical sites are being carefully preserved and a lot of money is being spent on national parks.

Why travel to Kashmir Valley

Kashmir Valley is also home to a vast wildlife making it an ultimate destination for safari goers. The current administration is trying to improve the hiking tracks, rest houses and camping spots in Kashmir Valley and their development is in progress. Because better tourist lodges are the guarantee of the success of the tourist destination and reception centers will be built at the natural and attractive places of the country. If the cable bus system is introduced in the mountain ranges of Kashmir Valley such as Devi Gali, Toli Peer, Nil Paree Lake, Peer Chinasi and such uneven but attractive regions, then Kashmir Valley will become a beautiful and attractive place for tourists hundreds of times ahead from Switzerland. The establishment of many hotels and resorts near the scenic spots of the country is indicating an increase in tourist arrivals. Fishing and boating facilities are being expanded in flowing rivers and dams along with shopping zones and entertainment venues. Modern facilities are still lacking but the management is focusing on improving them. The only negative thing about Kashmir Valley is the poverty and backwardness that can be seen in the rural areas.

Top Places in Kashmir Valley you should never miss

1.      Neelam Valley

2.      Arang Kel

3.      Patheka

4.      Shounter lake

5.      Muzaffarabad

6.      Ratti Gali Lake

7.      Leepa Valley

8.      Banjosa Lake

9.      Ramkot Fort

10.   Kutton Upper Neelam

11.   Toli Pir

12.   Rawalakot

13.   Sharda

14.   Pir Chinasi

15.   Jehlum Valley

16.   Red Fort(Lal Qila)

17.   Qila Rohtas(Mirpore)

18.   Neel Fairi Lake

19.   Sheru Tahara

20.   Tatta Pani(Hot Spring)

21.   Lasdanna

22.   Bessari

And the list goes on…………………

Welcome to Kashmir Valley “A paradise on earth”

            A trip to Kashmir Valley is not a bargain for a discerning tourist. The region is a place of interest for tourists in every sense. I invite you to explore the streams, hot and cold springs and precious herbs and support its tourism industry. Knowing about the beautiful facts of the country, you will definitely be eager to fly to Kashmir Valley. Most and deepest welcome to Kashmir Valley “ A paradise on earth”.


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